Secondary Sector

This page outlines what dataflows we make available through EconData, relating to the secondary sector of South Africa’s economy. This “Secondary Sector” Category falls under our EconData StatsSA Category Scheme. In these docs, we outline the dimensions in the series keys we use, and detail the codes used in those concepts.

Electricity Production


Electricity generated and available for distribution


Publication code: P4141

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Series names

  • Electricity available for distribution in South Africa: Total – All producers ELE001
  • Physical volume of electricity production ELE002 (index)
  • Electricity produced: Total – All producers ELE003
  • Purchased outside South Africa (import): Total – All producers ELE004
  • Consumed in power stations and auxiliary systems: Total – All producers ELE005
  • Sold outside South Africa (export), Total – All producers ELE006
  • Electricity produced: Eskom ELE008
  • Purchased outside South Africa (import): Eskom ELE009
  • Consumed in power stations and auxiliary system: Eskom ELE010
  • Sold outside South Africa (export): Eskom ELE011
  • Electricity available for distribution in South Africa: Eskom ELE012
  • Electricity distributed: Western Cape ELE013
  • Electricity distributed: Eastern Cape ELE014
  • Electricity distributed: Northern Cape ELE015
  • Electricity distributed: Free State ELE016
  • Electricity distributed: KwaZulu-Natal ELE017
  • Electricity distributed: North west ELE018
  • Electricity distributed: Gauteng ELE019
  • Electricity distributed: Mpumalanga ELE020
  • Electricity distributed: Limpopo ELE021
  • Electricity distributed: South Africa ELE022




Publication code: P3041.2

Supplier source page

1. Series Name

  • Total manufacturing MAN001
  • Meat, fish, fruit etc. MAN002
  • Dairy products MAN003
  • Grain mill products MAN004
  • Other food products MAN005
  • Beverages MAN006
  • Food and beverages MAN007
  • Textiles MAN008
  • Other textile products MAN009
  • Knitted, crocheted articles MAN010
  • Wearing apparel MAN011
  • Leather and leather products MAN012
  • Footwear MAN013
  • Textiles, clothing, leather and footwear MAN014
  • Sawmilling and planing of wood MAN015
  • Products of wood MAN016
  • Paper and paper products MAN017
  • Publishing MAN018
  • Printing, recorded media MAN019
  • Wood and wood products, paper, publishing and printing MAN020
  • Coke, petroleum products and nuclear fuel MAN021
  • Basic chemicals MAN022
  • Other chemical products MAN023
  • Rubber products MAN024
  • Plastic products MAN025
  • Petroleum, chemical products, rubber and plastic products MAN026
  • Glass and glass products MAN027
  • Non-metallic mineral products MAN028
  • Glass and non-metallic mineral products MAN029
  • Basic iron and steel products MAN030
  • Non-ferrous metal products MAN031
  • Structural metal products MAN032
  • Other fabricated metal products MAN033
  • General purpose machinery MAN034
  • Special purpose machinery MAN035
  • Household appliances MAN036
  • Basic iron and steel, non-ferrous metal products, metal products and machinery MAN037
  • Electric motors, generators, transformers MAN038
  • Electricity distribution and control apparatus MAN039
  • Insulated wire and cables MAN040
  • Accumulators, primary cells and primary batteries MAN041
  • Electric lamps and lighting equipment MAN042
  • Other electrical equipment MAN043
  • Electrical machinery MAN044
  • Radio, television and communication apparatus MAN045
  • Professional equipment MAN046
  • Radio, television and communication apparatus and professional equipment MAN047
  • Motor vehicles MAN048
  • Bodies for motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers MAN049
  • Parts and accessories MAN050
  • Other transport equipment MAN051
  • Motor vehicles, parts and accessories and other transport equipment MAN052
  • Furniture MAN053
  • Furniture and other manufacturing division MAN054
  • Other manufacturing groups MAN055

2. Measure

  • Volumes I
  • Values S

3. Seasonal adjustment

  • Neither seasonally adjusted nor calendar adjusted N
  • Seasonally adjusted data, not calendar adjusted S

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