Econometric Data Services

African economic and financial data

EconData enables automation of analytical workflows that depend on public domain or third-party data. It is also a leading-edge forecast management system – enabling data and model automation, within a best practice data and model governance framework. EconData supports data-sharing across databases and within institutions, codifies modelling process flows and provides user-level access control. EconData makes it easy to securely manage and share model scenarios and forecast vintages.

Automatable Data

You can download data from a variety of data sources into many different data formats and auto-update the data using the EconData R package or Python package. To enable real-time forecast comparisons and model evaluation, the platform provides historical vintages of all curated data.

Automatable Workflows

EconData lets you auto-update your charts and dashboards and models of African data using Excel and other spreadsheet software, the EconData R package, and programmatic data API.

Codera also uses EconData to automate models, do research, and create value-added products such as interactive scenario dashboards. These dashboards and forecasts are made available to our clients.

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