EconData makes it easy to download South African public domain macroeconomic and financial data and enables automation of workflows that use such data.


If you are looking for help with the use of the platform please see our blog for tutorials. If you are experiencing technical issues please send us an email detailing the problem.

Excel Add-in

If you are having trouble using the Excel Add-in please email us with the details of your problem.

R package

If you are having trouble using the R package, please log an issue on GitHub.



The use of EconData for research purposes is provided free of charge. Please contact us to present use cases for access to our subscriber-only data sets.


Plan for individual commercial users, R1000 per month (excluding VAT).


Companies requiring multiple logins, contact us for a quote.

All subscriptions include unlimited usage, Excel Add-in for data auto-updating and the EconDataR package for automation of workflows using R. Banking regulatory forms and our Public Finance Modules are only available under commercial and enterprise subscriptions. We are also adding new data modules to the platform.

Contact us if you would like a demo or a commercial or enterprise subscription