Primary Sector

This page outlines what dataflows we make available through EconData, relating to the primary sector of South Africa’s economy. This “Primary Sector” Category falls under our EconData StatsSA Category Scheme. In these docs, we outline the dimensions in the series keys we use, and detail the codes used in those concepts.


This statistical release contains detailed information regarding indices of the physical volume of mining production and the total value of mineral sales according to mining divisions and mineral groups, on a monthly basis.

Dataflow ID: MINING

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AttributeConstant Value
Source DatasetP2041
Data ProviderStatsSA
Unit MultiplierMillions (except diamonds)

Unit of Measure, Unit Multiplier, and Base Period

All the series’ unit of measure are current rands, except for diamonds MIN012.I.S, which are measured as an index (base period 2019). Similarly, the rand values should be multiplied by a million, except for the index.


1. Series Name

The series names are the same as the labels.

  • Total, gold included MIN001
  • Total, gold excluded MIN002
  • Coal MIN003
  • Iron ore MIN004
  • Chromium MIN005
  • Copper MIN006
  • Manganese ore MIN007
  • PGMs MIN008
  • Nickel MIN009
  • Other metallic minerals MIN010
  • Gold MIN011
  • Diamonds MIN012
  • Building materials MIN013
  • Other non-metallic minerals MIN014
  • Building materials: Granite or norite MIN015
  • Building materials: Lime and limestone MIN016
  • Building materials: Other building materials MIN017

2. Measure

  • Volumes I
  • Values S

All the series are Values, except for Diamonds MIN012.I.S

3. Seasonal adjustment

  • Neither seasonally adjusted nor calendar adjusted N
  • Seasonally adjusted, not calendar adjusted S

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