This page outlines what travel-related dataflows we make available through EconData. “Travel” is a Category in EconData’s StatsSA Category Scheme. In these dataflow docs, we outline the dimensions in the series keys we use, and detail the codes used in those concepts.

Land Transport



Source dataset code: P7162

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Frequency: monthly

The data key suffix indicates seasonal adjustment: an N indicates that the series is neither seasonally adjusted nor calendar adjusted, and an S indicates that the series has seasonally adjusted data, and not calendar adjusted.

first dimensionseries_nameunit_multiplierunit_of_measuresource_id
LAN001Total: PayloadThousandsTonspayl_totl
LAN002Total: Income for freight transportationMillionsRandincf_totl
LAN003Transportation of agriculture and forestry primary productsMillionsRandinc_agri
LAN004Transportation of primary mining and quarrying productsMillionsRandinc_ming
LAN005Transportation of manufactured food, beverages and tobacco productsMillionsRandinc_food
LAN006Transportation of textiles, clothing and leather productsMillionsRandinc_text
LAN007Transportation of chemicals, coke, petroleum, rubber, plastic and other mineral productsMillionsRandinc_chem
LAN008Transportation of basic metals and fabricated metal productsMillionsRandinc_metl
LAN009Transportation of non-metallic productsMillionsRandinc_nonm
LAN010Transportation of electrical machinery, transport machinery and equipmentMillionsRandinc_mach
LAN011Transportation of motor vehicles, parts and accessoriesMillionsRandinc_moto
LAN012Transportation of paper and paper productsMillionsRandinc_papr
LAN013Transportation of commercial productsMillionsRandinc_comm
LAN014Transportation of used household and office productsMillionsRandinc_used
LAN015Transportation of containersMillionsRandinc_cont
LAN016Transportation of parcelsMillionsRandinc_parc
LAN017Transportation of other freightMillionsRandinc_othf
LAN018Passenger journeysThousandsPassengersnops_totl
LAN019Income for passenger transportationMillionsRandincp_totl
LAN020Income for road passenger transportationMillionsRandinc_rail
LAN022Payload for rail freight transportationThousandsTonsrailpayl
LAN023Income for rail freight transportationMillionsRandrailincf
LAN024Payload for road freight transportationThousandsTonsroadpayl
LAN025Income for road freight transportationMillionsRandroadincf
LAN026Passenger journeys for rail passenger transportationThousandsPassengersrailnops
LAN027Passenger journeys for road passenger transportationThousandsPassengersroadnops

Tourism and Migration


Not actively maintained!


Publication code: P0351

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Tourist Accommodation


Publication code: P6410

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