This page outlines what South African public finance dataflows we make available through EconData, originating from the Statistics South Africa statistical data agency. “StatsSA” is a Category in EconData’s Public Finance and Accounts Category Scheme. In these dataflow docs, we outline the dimensions in the series keys we use, and detail the codes used in those concepts.

National Accounts



Attribute(Constant) Value
Source DatasetP0441
Base Period2015
Unit of measureRand
Unit multiplierMillions

The base period is likely to change with new versions.

1. Series Name

The 4th to 7th digit of the series key are shown here in monospace font after the name.

  • GDP at market prices 6006.R
  • GDP at current prices 6006.N
  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing 6631
  • Mining and quarrying 6632
  • Manufacturing 6634
  • Electricity and water 6635
  • Construction (contractors) 6636
  • Wholesale and retail trade, catering and accommodation 6638
  • Transport, storage and communication 6639
  • Finance and insurance, real estate and business services 6640
  • General government services 6643
  • Total value added at basic prices 6645
  • Private services 6647

2. Price Concept

The StatsSA data are real R, except for “GDP at current prices”.

3. Seasonal Adjustment

The dataflow contains both:

  • Neither seasonally adjusted nor calendar adjusted data N
  • Seasonally adjusted data, not calendar adjusted S

for every single mnemonic, where the labels for the seasonally adjusted data are suffixed with ” (annualised)”.

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