This page outlines what legal data Codera makes available through EconData. This “Judiciary” Category falls under our EconData StatsSA Category Scheme. In these dataflow docs, we outline the dimensions in the series keys we use, and detail the codes used in those concepts.

Civil Cases for Debt

This statistical release contains the results of a monthly sample survey of civil cases recorded and civil summonses for debt issued in South Africa. This information is obtained from selected magistrates offices. Please click on this paragraph to show detail.


Publication code: P0041

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Series names

  • Total CIV001
  • Goods Sold Open Account CIV002
  • Goods Sold Installment Sales CIV003
  • Services Professional CIV004
  • Services Other CIV005
  • Rent CIV006
  • Money Lent CIV007
  • Promissory Notes CIV008
  • Other CIV009
  • Total Western Cape CIV010
  • Total Eastern Cape CIV011
  • Total Northern Cape CIV012
  • Total Free State CIV013
  • Total KwaZulu-Natal CIV014
  • Total Northwest CIV015
  • Total Gauteng Province CIV016
  • Total Mpumalanga CIV017
  • Total Limpopo CIV018
  • Total Cape Peninsula CIV019
  • Total Port Elizabeth CIV020
  • Total East London CIV021
  • Total Kimberley CIV022
  • Total Pietermaritzburg CIV023
  • Total Durban CIV024
  • Total Johannesburg CIV025
  • Total East Rand CIV026
  • Total West Rand CIV027
  • Total Pretoria CIV028
  • Total Vereeniging and Vanderbijlpark CIV029
  • Total Bloemfontein CIV030

Liquidations and Insolvencies

This statistical release reflects voluntary and compulsory liquidations of companies and close corporations. Please click on this paragraph to show detail.


Publication code: P0043.1

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Frequency: monthly

All series are neither seasonally adjusted nor calendar adjusted, except for one (LIQ001.A.I.A.S; fifth dimension of the data key).

All series represent liquidations, except for two (LIQ001.A.I.A.N and LIQ001.A.I.A.S) which represent insolvencies (third dimension of the data key).

Series name

First dimension in the data key.

  • LIQ004 Total
  • LIQ005 Agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing
  • LIQ006 Mining and quarrying
  • LIQ007 Manufacturing
  • LIQ008 Electricity, gas and water
  • LIQ009 Construction
  • LIQ010 Wholesale and retail trade, catering and accommodation
  • LIQ011 Transport, storage, communication
  • LIQ012 Financing, insurance, real estate, business services
  • LIQ013 Community, social, personal services
  • LIQ014 Unclassified

Organisation Type

Second dimension in the data key.

  • A All
  • M Private Enterprise
  • C Close Corporation


Fourth dimension of the data key.

  • A Any
  • C Compulsory
  • V Voluntary

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